Saturday, October 23, 2021

So France at DUO Galleria in Singapore

Galette Complète

Yes, I've been on a bit of a galette complète streak lately. This one was right at the top of the brunch menu at So France (7 Fraser Street #01-51, 6909-6449), and I was happy to eat it, even if I still liked French Fold just a little more. The buckwheat was very pronounced, and I liked their rustic sourdough bread too. Actually, it's the adjacent market here that I'm really ga-ga over with all of its booze, cheese, and packaged goods (they have Bordier butter here too). I ended up spending more money at the market than at the restaurant.

Friday, October 22, 2021

The Sichuan Mala Aioli Lobster Roll at Luke’s Lobster Singapore

The Sichuan Mala Aioli Lobster Roll at Luke’s Lobster Singapore

Luke Goes Local is now in its second phase, now featuring a collaboration with Birds of a Feather. It was still delicate and featured quality ingredients, but it wasn't spicy at all, which was quite a letdown. Sure, chili peppers would've overpowered the lobster, but when I am eating Sichuan flavors, I want some heat. In that sense, the Thevar collab was much better.

District 10 Bar & Restaurant in Singapore

Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

This small chain bills itself as "Authentic Italian Cuisine," but to me it's really just a commercialized bar with burgers, spring rolls, and fish and chips. As such, it certainly isn't a place that I'd make an effort to go to, but they have a decently-priced two course lunch set that's cheaper than that carpaccio would be a la carte. And it was edible enough that I still ate it all. Their UE Square outlet (81 Clemenceau Avenue #01-15, 6738-4788) is doing some kind of cheese wheel pasta promo now that might be interesting if I'm back here.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Aburi Kaisen Don Keisuke at Bugis+ in Singapore

Kiwami Warayaki Aburi Kaisen Don Special

So Keisuke replaced his omurice shop at Bugis+ with a kaisendon shop last month, presumably because of the popularity of Teppei's bowls. But this was much better than Teppei's given that the fish was much more finely cut, and the quality was much better too. Plus, there is an ochazuke option featuring his lobster broth as an option.

Note though that the bowl is deceptively shallow; I was still hungry after eating that above. Moreover, there is quite a bit of overkill in this bowl, given not just the gooey (chicken) egg in there, but also the furikake and even that sesame soy sauce on the side. I didn't pour it in like they suggested since that would've just covered up everything else.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Cat Poop Brownies from Nasty Cookie in Singapore

Cat Poop Brownies

LOL, I can't look at that thing without breaking out in a childish giggle. They are brownies shaped like poo, and they tasted pretty good together with that crumbly streusel underneath. Clearly this was more about attention-getting though, and it worked; I never really gave their cookies much thought in the past, but I might just stop to grab one next time I'm passing by now.

Nanta BBQ’s Samgyeopsal Lunch Set

Nanta BBQ's Samgyeopsal Lunch Set

This was the samgyeopsal lunch set from Nanta BBQ, going for a very affordable S$15.90 (US$12). I was expecting the meat to be cut into thicker cubes rather than so thinly, but this was pleasantly smoky and very easy to eat. Interestingly, their naengmyeon selection here was limited to a chicken version, which incidentally lacked a hard-boiled egg and had a rather sweet broth. So I won't bother with that again.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Parasite’s Ram-don Jjapaguri at Bonchon Singapore


I didn't even realize this until recently, but it turns out that the 4Fingers chain is completely different from Bonchon, despite the former having used the Bonchon name to sell Korean fried chicken (kinda like China's Tai Er having knockoffs too, eh?). Anyway, I stopped by an outlet of the real Bonchon tonight because they were doing this jjapaguri. The sauce was rather sweet and the meat was tough in some places, but hey, it was only S$18.90 (US$14) for two bowls. They still made mine spicy enough to make it fun to eat at least.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Yanji Famous Seafood Soup from Woodlands by Good Earth

Milkfish Belly Gourmet Porridge

If I understood it correctly, this is a seafood soup stall from way up in Marsiling that has since been commercialized into a small chain in the city. I have no idea how close it was to the original, but that was a savory, cloudy, and slightly thick broth in that milkfish belly special above. Yes, I liked it, even if the rice grains were mushier than I had expected, making this more of a porridge than paofan.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Marinated Uni Wrap and Other Sushiro Festival Specials

Tsuke uni tsutsumi

This tsuke uni tsutsumi sushi is on the list of specials at Sushiro right now, and I liked the brininess enough that I nearly ordered another one, despite how lousy the uni usually is here. There a lot of other things on the "Sushiro Festival" list too, including some featuring A5 Miyazaki beef as well as hakkaku from Hokkaido. The former was a bit sweet, while the latter wasn't as exciting as the karei flounder that was also one of the specials. That flounder in fact was probably my favorite thing today.

Galette No. 4 from Merci Marcel’s French Fold

Galette No. 4

I upgraded to galette number four at French Fold this morning, which was basically a galette complète with ham and egg but also mushrooms and Comté cheese, the last of which really made this thing shine for me. I'm quite happy with this place, especially since they also offer their own carbonated filtered water for just S$1 (US$0.75) per person.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse At Raffles Hotel Singapore

Insalata di Mare

I could never afford to eat at Alain Ducasse. But he has a place at the Raffles Hotel that features set lunches starting at just S$36 (US$27) for two courses (1 Beach Road, 6337-1886). Yes, I was happy with the ingredients and technique; you could just smell the butter and seafood when walking into this place.

It was very nicely decorated of course, with good service to boot (it took two hands to count the number of people who waited on me today). The bar was fun too, although of course that shot my bill through the roof. But hey, I have the day off today, so I figured that I'd treat myself.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Hoshino Coffee’s Hokkaido Oyster & Cheese Omurice

Hoshino Coffee’s Hokkaido Oyster & Cheese Omurice

No, this omurice wasn't anything to get excited about (and no, I wasn't a big fan of the coffee either). But the oysters turned out to be rather savory little morsels, making me feel better about eating this plate of carbs that I otherwise didn't really want to eat. Something about that faux wood panel and chandelier decor makes this Japanese coffee place hard to ignore either way.