Sunday, June 18, 2023

Torikin from Hakata in Singapore


Torikin has been in Singapore for many years now, and has even since migrated from its original Bukit Timah location down to UE Square. But I was only able to make it there today (205 River Valley Road #01-75, 6219-0391).

They serve a number of things, including shabu shabu, motsunabe, and various izakaya items to go with your booze. But the main thing to get is the mizutaki chicken hot pot. It was served in multiple courses, starting with a sip of the thick collagen broth, followed by various chicken parts on the bone, and then a vegetable stew before closing with carbs. It was all tender, rich, and of good quality, not to mention being fueled by good service.

But it wasn't cheap, and for that price I would've expected a nicer-smelling dining room (seriously, they need to give it a deep cleaning). I haven't been to Tsukada Nojo in ages, so it's difficult to make a proper comparison, but I suspect that I'd prefer these guys.

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