Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CurryUpNow, San Mateo, California

Deconstructed Samosa

A name like CurryUpNow wasn't exactly anything that got me excited the first time I was told about these guys. And yet I kept hearing about these guys in passing, in part because they run a bunch of food trucks in the Bay Area, along with a bricks and mortar spot in San Mateo - not far from Jeffrey's, in fact. I needed to be there today anyway, so I stopped by here for a quick lunch while I was at it see what all of the fuss was about (129 South B Street, 477-1001).

I liked it. Sure, it featured basic Indian food like thalis and lassi. But they also had some interesting twists like sweet potato fries and Indian burgers, as well as the "deconstructed samosa" above, which was basically a samosa chaat but garnished with mini samosas. Oh - and burritos, which was apparently one of the things that got these guys off the ground in the first place. We've of course seen Korean tacos before, so why not Indian burritos?

Yes, I'll come back again, most likely to give that chicken tikka masala burrito a try. The decor was surprisingly well done too; looking a bit like Nando's or maybe even a Starbucks. Then again, hopefully I'll just come across one of their trucks at A Moveable Feast next time I can get to one.

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Chimestar said...

You should really try their chicken tikka burrito. One of the best things in the world.