Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gott's Roadside Tray Gourmet, Napa Valley

Hamburger and Sweet Potato Fries

I've passed by the giant parking lot for Taylor's Automatic Refresher in St. Helena at least a few times in the past. And yet I never stopped there, in part because it seemed like there was so much else to eat up there than just burgers. But then we kept hearing about how great it was, and that we had to get their sweet potato fries. So today, we popped over to their Napa location at the Oxbow Public Market (after figuring out that they had changed their name of course).

It finally became obvious to me why this place is so praised. In the words of Jules Winfield, that *was* a tasty burger! The quality of the ingredients was the key - not to mention the secret sauce and that yellow egg bun. I can see why people like those sweet potato fries too, especially with that chili powder and ranch dressing. And this being wine country, they had a selection of wine bottles available, not to mention quite a few beers on tap. Cool. (A reminder to myself: pass on the lemonade next time - it's not as fresh as I had hoped.)

We've decided that our next trip to Napa will be a on a shoestring budget where we spend most of the time eating at the various Oxbow Market stalls rather than fighting to get a reservation at a fine dining establishment. And if we really want something from Gott's, we could just go to their San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace location instead, although of course we'll be faced again with the dilemna of having to choose between eating at Gott's or the many other delicious places available.

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