Saturday, September 12, 2009

San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Organic Produce for Sale

With a pretty long layover before catching our next flight, we popped out of SFO this morning to catch today's Farmers Market at the Ferry Building Marketplace. It seemed much more crowded today than last time, but nonetheless still had a lot of the same fun stuff, like plenty of produce and cheese, as well as sausages, bread, and pickles.

Sockeye Salmon Lox Sandwich

One of the first things I grabbed was from Cap'n Mike's Holy Smoked Salmon, which went so far as to trademark the term "San Francisco Lox Sandwich." Using its own smoked salmon together with cream cheese and onions, this sounded very similar to a standard issue bagel and lox, except that it was on open-faced local sourdough bread and featured a sprinkle of gourmet salt. It was deliciously refreshing - and the seagulls knew it too, as I had to fend some of them off from stealing my treat.

Heirloom Tomato Salad

We went inside for some treats as well, where we found a salumi shop called Boccalone (1 Ferry Building #21, 433-6500) that conveniently offered a variety of their porky cuts in a convenient little paper cone. We also sat down at il Cane Rosso (#41, 391-7599), a shop that specialized in local ingredients. With so many stalls outside featuring heirloom tomatoes, it was only fitting to get this heirloom tomato salad dressed in olive oil, salt, and basil. Mmm...

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