Monday, September 01, 2008

Shopsy's Deli, Toronto, Canada

Bagel and Lox

OK, so maybe that question about the Montreal-style bagel hadn't been settled yet, but I was happy to find a Jewish deli out here serving a proper bagel and lox platter, complete with onions and capers. Sure, it fueled some unnecessary dragon breath in the morning, but it was refreshing and something that I haven't had in a long time.


Tony G. said...

long long long time reader.

first time poster. i love everything you do and stand for. but get one of these

and tell me how it is.

-your fan,

Tony G.

Anonymous said...


what's that white blob on the left, on top of the vegetables?

Anonymous said...

Like your blog; Places I will probaly never get to and food I will probably never eat. thanks for taking the time. I enjoy checking up on your experiences from time to time, since I like good food and drink myself.

Y3 said...

"what's that white blob on the left, on top of the vegetables?"

that was most probably a ball of mozzarella.

bma said...

No, that was cream cheese - practically a requisite item to go with bagels.