Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Canadian Breakfast

Bagel House's Montreal Style Whole Wheat Bagel and a Happy Planet Drink

I don't plan to go to Montreal on this trip, but I did want to try to get a Montreal-style bagel while I was here in Canada, even if it were a bit of a stretch. Apparently Bagel House was one of the few shops in Toronto that could do a proper Montreal-style bagel, so I grabbed this whole wheat one this morning to see what was so different about them.

I was pleasantly surprised to find how much I liked it over the usual New York style bagel, as this was much softer, sweeter, and simply tastier. Granted, the last characteristic was probably more a function of all of the seeds and seasonings on top, but I just liked how it didn't even require any cream cheese spread. So why aren't Montreal-style bagels more popular?


Anonymous said...

It's awesome that you're in Toronto!!

But there is only one place to get a proper bagel in Canada, and thats MTL (you will not find them in Toronto). What you have in your picture is NOT a MTL bagel. They are much skinner and much less bread-like.

I really do have to apologize for Swiss Chalet, it's one of worst Canadian inventions in our history.

D said...

I guess the competition can be only fair when you've tried a proper NYC bagel as well, like the ones from H&H or Ess-a-bagel. Airplane bagels hardly count =(

[ariel esteban cayer] said...

Montreal Bagels are totally awesome, I live in Montreal and the place to go is definitly St-Viateur Bagel. Its a really nice place, and if I'm not mistaken, you'll see, there's no lock on the door, since it opened 24/7
The're really good, sweet, tender, when the're hot and fresh, I could eat 3 with no cheese, just plain.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Toronto! Long time reader, first time poster. You must head to Kensington Market in Toronto. You can get Montreal style bagels in the bakey there and try lots of other awesomeness there too. Enjoy your stay!

bma said...

In fact, I was going to head there yesterday but my plans unfortunately got derailed.

I also wanted to head to the St. Lawrence Market to grab a peameal bacon sandwich, but it was just my luck that they are closed Sun-Mon, and I don't think I'll get a chance to go later this week either. Any chance there are folks selling peameal bacon sandwiches elsewhere? (I hope that someone tells me that they can be had at the airport since that would sure make things easy.)

Elaine said...

Nice blog you have here! I wish they had decent bagels in Singapore thou.