Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar

Balik Tsar Nikolaj Discovery

I eschewed my normal HKIA run to A. Hereford Beefstouw for something a bit healthier this time: Caviar House & Prunier's Seafood Bar, which I'd been wanting to revisit for some time now. This time, they had the Balik in stock, so I went for the so-called Tsar Nikolaj Discovery, which was basically a sampler platter of their Norwegian, Marinated, and Scottish varieties of salmon, plus a bit of their tartare and fish eggs.

This stuff was delicious - and totally woke up my appetite. Those chunks of salmon were astoundingly creamy, going perfectly with the (crustless) bread and condiments on the side. Each of the three varieties had its own characteristic taste, and I liked all of them. I also loved the heavy dose of dill weed clinging to the edges of the gravadlax that we grabbed in addition to the sampler.

It all came at a pretty steep price though: that tiny Tsar Nikolaj platter ran for a whopping HK$360 (US$47). If we were going to pay that much for what was basically just an appetizer, then it had better taste good. I took some additional consolation in the fact that this was a super healthy meal at least.

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