Wednesday, March 11, 2009

United's Hindu Snack Box - Take Two

United's Hindu Snack Box

My special meal request was still in the system for the return flight home, and I guess that I was somewhat hopeful that at least the evening flight would mean a heated meal in a tray rather than those quick snack boxes that we got on the morning flight up. It turns out that was wishful thinking. Snack boxes were still given out tonight, with the Hindu variant being some vegetables and couscous shoved inside pita bread rather than the (half) tuna fish sandwich in the regular box. When did couscous and pita bread become Hindu?

The innately loose nature of couscous didn't exactly make for easy eating on an airplane either. But at least it was healthy, sans the potato chips. And I'm sure glad that I got that salmon beforehand, even if it was really just an appetizer. Note to self: next time try to eat a complete dinner at HK airport before getting on a United flight back to Singapore.


Mary Poppins said...

Rather unappetising... the pita bread looks under the weather.

Stumbled upon your page quite a number of times, and I end up hunting for food after. Helps that I have a fab hawker centre where I stay.

Happy travelling, hungry boy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they interpret Hindu to mean no beef only but everything else is ok....strange nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about dietary constraints for Hindi or much about Halla, or Kosher, either. I had barley, hamburger and spinich soup for supper tonight. But even as a Christian, that looks pretty grim. I thought pita bread went with lamb and yougurt. Wishing you well sir. I am about to eat a little chesse on a cracker, and have a beer, so I guess I have busted all the rules. Thanks for all your hard work.

foodbin said...


Kathy said...

If you happened to eat tandoori chicken (breast not drumstick) at your local stall, you could try using the home made chutney they give out at the condiment section next to the cashier. =P

The tartness is much tastier than the orange juice.