Monday, March 09, 2009

UA Econ Class Hindu Breakfast?

United's Indian Vegetarian meal

That looks nothing like a Hindu airplane meal, right? I originally put in a request for a Hindu meal, partly out of hopes that it could get me away from those standard issue snack boxes that United has started providing on its morning flights to Hong Kong. But my special meal ended up being pretty much the same thing as the regular snack box, except that the muffins got substituted with croissants. When did croissants become Hindu?

Actually, the label on the box suggested that it was an Indian vegetarian meal rather than Hindu. Even then, clearly it wasn't the spicy Indian airplane meal that I was hoping for. Oh well...I suppose that I can understand the business reasons behind trying to satisfy as many special requirements as possible using a single meal. Besides, I was just requesting a special meal out of selfish greed rather than having a legitimate basis for doing so.

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Pete said...

I share your disappointment - obviously the breakfast should just say "Suitable for Hindus" (i.e. don't contain any animal products) than a Hindu breakfast!!