Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nando's Singapore, Bugis Junction

1/2 Hot Chicken Only

This was an unintentional visit (200 Victoria Street #01-85, 6338-6555). I got on the wrong bus when I left for lunch today, and in a very roundabout way I somehow ended up near Bugis. So I figured that I'd go check out Nando's since I was in the neighborhood anyway (and ironically, across the street from the now defunct AJ's Piri Piri Chicken).

Well, it was pretty much the same spicy grilled chicken that I got in KL...as best as I can remember, anyway. But for some reason I really wasn't that satisfied with it this time. Maybe it was because I ordered double portions without a drink nor sides. Maybe it was because I was too stressed with the pile of work that lay ahead of me in the office. Or more likely than not, maybe it was simply because my tastes have changed.

It's funny - I whined for so long about how much I wished these guys were in Singapore, and when they finally got here, I really didn't care anymore. Oh well. At least it's better than Barcelos.


hoopskratchz said...

i miss nando's when i was living in melbourne but haven't had a chance to try it out here yet (guess i preferred trying out the local food first)

great blog by the way. anything about food is awesome :) and yes anthony bourdain has the best job in the world not to mention that i wish i can write candidly like him also.

ClearTear said...

It's the chicken... Somehow the chicken in Singapore always taste different from Malaysia, be it kfc, Kenny Roger, or any restaurant fast food that sells chicken.

Elle Zhang said...

Having had Nando's in 3 different countries, I think the British ones are tastier. I'm waiting for the day Nando's rolls out into California and gives El pollo loco a run for its grilled chicken money. I would love to take on a franchise if they'd let me!

candee said...

Overall, i feel that Nandos is over-rated. Service seriously sucks, the trainees waiters / waitresses cannot take order. Ended up, we sat there nearly 10mins without anyone attending to us. The trainees just told us to wait but the people who came in behind us ordered before us when we had already decided what to order. And we had to wait for 3-4 waiters/waitress before we can order. And they didn't clear and set our tables. Food waiting time was ok cos it was quite crowded. And i feel that the tables were placed so closely together till there wasn't much personal space! And best, when i was eating my chicken thighs, the girl next to our table was pointing something near my chair. I thought it was some insects crawling or something BUT it wasn't! It was someone's Master's Card. LIKE OMG CAN? Can you imagine how bad certain things are at Nandos? Their waitresses/waiters are quite careless. And when we asked for our bill, one of the Malay waitresses was so rude. She just passed the bill right in front of my face.
When i came out from the washroom, I heard something shocking too. My bf passed his card to the waiter and was waiting for bill. The next table bill was settled and the couple left Nandos. And i think not long later, the couple came back and passed an unknown card back to Nandos, claiming that it wasn't his. Can guess what? It was my bf's card. Thank goodness that my bf recognised his own card and immediately claimed ownership of his own card and walked out of Nandos.

It's like omg. Dining at Nandos is really bad experience.