Sunday, May 24, 2009

AJ's Piri Piri Chicken, Singapore

Two Piece Piri Piri Chicken

Whoa - did another Afro-Portuguese chicken chain set up shop in Singapore? Yep - similar to Nando's, this UK-based chain sported a rooster logo and different grades of spicy sauces. We would have completely missed this place had we not gone all the way up to the top of the new Iluma mall (201 Victoria Street #05-11, 6884-5507). We grabbed a simple two-piece set for a taste.

I was a bit disappointed as the chicken was not grilled as much as I would have liked. They didn't have any extra sauce sitting at each table either, and the hottest version of the sauce that we got was more salty than it was spicy.

Well, maybe these were just their first few days when they didn't have everything running at full speed yet. And frankly I don't know if I could say that I liked Barcelos much more, as we had a rather disappointing second visit to that place not long ago. But I am glad that places like this are starting to pop up around here; I just hope that one of them can be as good as Nando's.


francis said...

it's funny that they call it Barcelos, wich is the name of a portuguese town, the symbol of this town is the rooster.

Aaron said...

I'm suppose your new food place is the lluma :P
Somehow I'm only interested in the mini burgers...but after reading your blog, I'm trying the AJ's Piri Piri Chicken...looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

naw, naw. I am lilly white, ( scotts welsh) but leave my KFC alone. I love and we cook often whole chickens, and boneless, skinless, oven fried chicken, and it is good, but please dont take away KFC. I have tried to duplicate the taste, and can tell you it is heavy on salt, black pepper, and sage. Plus I think their slaw is good, ( the secret to that is add a little ground bell pepper, I think, and not too much mayo. But nobody, and I mean Bogangles, Churches, etc.. can repalace KFC. But I guess that is just where and how I was growed up. Dinner on the ground, good potato salad, banna pudding and iced tea. pig pickings. Preaching and then gospel singing. and yes, I live in wnc. we did not have platations up here. When I was growing up, we had three big groups. Whites, blacks and Chreokee. Now we got umpteen. Whites, blacks, Chreokee, Mex( that means latino, do not get me started what is the difference between Elsaslvador and Guatemala, plenty, I am fortunate to have learned). All these influennces make for some great food. If different, for sure. You sure aint never bored. For example, the guy that cuts my hair, a good ole boy, who deer hunts, likes sushui,now and foe gras ( hell, whodon't like liver, or for that matter smoked salmon. I still don't like caviar. Sorry. But we still like pbj. And try to you might to convince me, eastern ( atlantic) oysters are better than the ones i had while stationed on the west coast. ( and i like them fried) Guess I am tying to provoke a good natured fight. God bless. I have never starved here, and that is pretty good. Wish it could be so every where. Tom

averageeverydaysanepsychosupergoddess said...

i loveeeee nandos! my comfort food when i was in aussieland. m'sia has it but somehw its not quite the same. mayb its the weather. beggars cant be choosers i guess.

but pretty PLEASE, do blog abt it as soon as u hear of them setting up shop here!

180 Sharikou said...

Nandos has now opened at Bugis Junction.