Friday, December 19, 2008

Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken, Singapore

½ Chicken with Corn on the Cob

While there may not be a Nando's in Singapore yet, it looks like another spicy chicken chain from South Africa has popped up at VivoCity (1 Harbourfront Walk #02-91, 9339-6853). I'm not sure which one came first, but this place was strikingly similar, complete with a rooster logo, little toothpick-mounted flags, and an array of sauces sitting on each table that you could also purchase for home use.

The second hottest grade, Veri Peri, wasn't spicy enough for me, but the hottest grade, Super Peri, carried so much heat that it drowned out everything else. I'm not exactly a Nando's regular, but I seem to remember Nando's sauce being more favorably sour. Well, Barcelos was still tender and mouth-wateringly delicious, and I'm just glad that there is something similar to Nando's in Singapore now.


550ml jar of faith said...

I had no idea Nando's was so much coveted after... makes me consider it in a totally different light. You should come over to Malaysia - Nando's popping up everywhere like it's going out of fashion!

Pete said...

Nando's used to have outlets in Singapore. I remembered going to one in Marina Square a few times. But sadly, the chain closed down in the late-90s.

stimmyills said...

Tried Barcelos on Fri night - was good but kind of hated the noise level - Clearly its a family friendly place!

Ttied the double chicken burger - woudl have been good if there was a little more chilli sauce (i had the super peri) but after being weaned on Nandos and Oportos in Aus i might be spolit!

Anonymous said...

Nandos in Malaysia not really the real deal. You don't taste the full flavour of the marinate in the chicken - instead what you get is a lot of peir-peri sauce plastered over the chicken.

There was indeed an outlet in Singapore - was in a poorly chosen location - pity!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Nando's in Malaysia is not as tasty as the ones I tried in Australia and South Africa. Does anyone know why? Don't they cook it the same way?

Barcelos is ok, but still not as good as Nando's in Australia. A bit expensive for a fast food restaurant.

Yours, Clarence

Anonymous said...

This place can't decide whether it wants to be a fast food outlet or a restaurant so what you get is a fast food outlet with restaurant prices!

Chicken is ok but nothing to shout about. The fries are hard and tasteless. Service was poor, there was no queue and the staff didn't care and just served anyone as and when they liked.

I'm saving my money for Nando's next time. The moral of the story is, if you want to copy Nando's, create a better version, not a worse one.

kingsfield said...

Nando's is nando's barcelos is barcelos,its all about doing d right thing. BARCELOS FOR LYF