Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Preem and Prithi, Brick Lane, London

Balti Chicken Tikka Masala

I needed a more substantial dinner after some drinks tonight, so I hopped on down to Brick Lane to try to hunt down some proper English curries. After walking up and down the street to check each shop out, I finally settled on these guys (124-126 Brick Lane, 020-7377-5252), in part because they seemed the most casual without linens, but also it was jam packed with locals. And even though I originally thinking of getting one of those super spicy phalls, I ended up instead with the national dish of England: chicken tikka masala, served in a balti bowl, which has become a bit of a novelty here.

As I waited for my food, I was getting excited. The smells coming out of that kitchen were deliciously aromatic, and I was looking forward to getting mine. Unfortunately, when I finally tasted it, I was taken aback by how darned sweet it was. Granted, this stuff is probably supposed to be this way, and probably also explains why it has been so popular around here. But it was almost like candy, and I really wish they cut back on the sugar and loaded up on the spices instead, especially since the ones that they did use were respectably fragrant. Well, this won't stop me from coming down to Brick Lane again though; that phall has still eluded me to this day and I'm going to get it one way or another.


Mojo_HK said...

Check out these places in London:

1. Have the salt beef sandwich at the Brass Rail at Selfridges on Oxford Street.

2. Fairuz at 3 Blandford street for Lebanese food. Another option is Maroush down the road but have not been there...just heard about it. Fairuz is awesome though.

3. Tayyabs off Whitechapel Road for Indian food. Must try - the lamb chops and the seekh kebabs

4. Haozhan off Leicester Square. Have the Wasabi Prawns and the Haozhan Beef Rib Eye

5. Zizzi - it's a chain but awesome pizza. Try the Ciabatta Pollo and the Picante Rustica Pizza

vix said...

I second Tayyabs. It's on fieldgate st. Best grilled lamb chops ever! And pumpkin curry is yummy too. Alternatively try Lahore restaurant on Umberston road.

If u like spicy, go for Lao di fang (my old place) at 88 middlesex st, close to Liverpool station. Sichuan folk on hanbury st is also good.

Have dinner at boca di lupo then hop across the road.
Gelupo on archer st do the best gelato.