Sunday, February 27, 2022

CAN's Classic Pao Fan at Golden Mile Food Centre

Fried Fish Pao Fan with Fish Roe Prawn Balls

This paofan stall is run by a former Paradise Group chef (505 Beach Road #01-111). He even offers prawn balls like they do, so I had my hopes up that his broth tasted like theirs too. But the broth here was flatter, and the battered fish was a bore, even if it was pretty meaty. Don't get me wrong; this is still one of the better ones around town (it reminds me of the former Tianfu when it was still around, especially with that hugely generous portion of crispy rice and egg on the side). Plus, I like that you can mix and match your choice of proteins here. But the broth and aromatics were still a notch down from Chao Ting.

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