Monday, June 10, 2019

Chao Ting Teochew Pao Fan at Far East Square

Sliced Fish Pao Fan

That might look a bit weird in the photo above, but it was delicious. See, the Jumbo Seafood folks opened up this stall (132 Amoy Street) selling local fish soup, specifically the mue (a.k.a. mui or muay) version. That means rice mixed with soup, or pao fan, which in my opinion is a much better way of describing it than mue, which can confusingly also refer to a sludgy porridge instead (if it helps, think of zosui rather than okayu).

Anyway, what makes them better than your everyday fish soup is their careful approach to ingredients: a savory and earthy broth, pleasantly thick fish slices (with fried fish and king prawn options should you prefer), all spiked with the delight of some crispy rice to keep it fun. Yum! It's just too bad that they are only open for lunch on weekdays; the whole family could enjoy this place if it were open on evenings and weekends.

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