Saturday, April 26, 2008

WGS Gourmet Barbecue with Paulaner Beer

Some prawn thing from Novus

That chi-chi looking prawn thing in the photo above isn't exactly what you'd envision at a barbecue, right? Well, that's what we got tonight at the "gourmet barbecue" finale of the World Gourmet Summit tonight on Sentosa's Siloso Beach. Many of the big name restaurants from Singapore were showcased, including Indochine, Tung Lok, and Michelangelo's. The prawn thing above was from Novus at the National Museum.

There was certainly nothing to complain about with any of these guys. But it's questionable whether or not it was worth the price of S$168 (US$120) a head, especially given that many of the vendors ran out of food after just a couple of hours, including the Paulaner beer that was so visibly stated in the name of the event. I didn't even get to eat any of the kebabs from Rang Mahal.

Still, there were quite a few memorable items tonight, such as the rich bisque and tender quail from Au Petit Salut. The olive ice cream from Garibaldi was different, as were the red watermelon & chili pepper martinis from Orgo (I wasn't that interested in the taste, but it was fun watching the Japanese bartender making them from scratch). Oddly, the thing that got me the most excited wasn't even anything barbequed: it was the delightfully spicy cold Sichuan noodles from Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant. I kept going back for more spoonfuls of it.

If they run this event again next year, I doubt that I'll come back. I'd rather just go straight to the restaurants themselves and get a proper meal. But I hope they keep the barbecue concept. If they invite Rob Rainford from the License to Grill show, then I'll be the first to sign up.


Ann said...

Like you, I love Garibaldi's olio ice cream. It was unexpected. Did you get a chance to try the pork cheek from Golden Peony? That was quite delightful as well.

I hope you didn't pay for an invite. I certainly was glad that I did not. It is a yearly affair actually but this year's WGS is by far was the worst.

Ben said...

rob rainford ! canadian eh ! i met the dude once in toronto during a food show.

Toni said...

Rightly said, the noodles were "the" number one! Unfortunately the organization around Peter Knipp lacked a little, especially after they run out of the Paulaner Beer and replaced it with... I think it was... San Miguel... Well, next year I shall make sure they have enough beer!!!