Monday, April 21, 2008

Kuro Ma-Yu Ramen from Menya Shinchan

Tonkotsu shio kuro ma-yu ramen

Interesting - Menya Shinchan is now offering kuro ma-yu ramen, featuring roasted garlic and sesame oil. It looked slightly like Gogyo's kogashi ramen, but it didn't really have that carbon-burned aroma. In fact, I think that the thick layer of oil on top was simply based on black sesame seeds instead.

Well, I was still pleasantly happy with the super firm and thin noodles here. And the broth was decent as long as one didn't think that this was a way to get Gogyo's masterpiece in Singapore. But I am pretty sure that this wasn't intended to be the same thing anyway.


Anonymous said...

wow the ramen looks really good! you must really know japan to find all the good food there!

Anonymous said...

Menya Shinchan is in Singapore, Robertson Quay.

The Shinchan guy seems quite creative, often introducing with new stuff, though his noodles are too firm for me, almost like Chinese la mian (I much prefer Miharu's springy feel).