Sunday, April 27, 2008

The KF Gold Lounge at Changi T3

Greek Salad

After a mildly disappointing run through the public areas of Changi's new Terminal 3 today, I was glad to find the selection of vendors much more interesting after clearing immigration. I was also quite happy with the new KrisFlyer Gold lounge too. While a bit smaller in floor area than I'd imagined, the lounge featured a spread that rang straight through to my belly, complete with chicken wings, several types of salad, and Indian food. No, none of it was anything to go out of one's way for, but in the realm of airport lounge food, this was a relief to see.

Actually, the thing that first caught my eye wasn't the food, but rather the refrigerator full of frosted mugs. Oooh...and what might we be filling those up with? The cold Tiger beer tap on the side. It wasn't the Narita beer machine, but no guy is ever going to complain about open access to a beer tap. Rock on.

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Anonymous said...

I just came back from trip to Japan:
at the T3 I was happy to find Il Lido, because the rest of the food outlets are a total let down.

As for Singapore Airline, the SIA experience seems to be: if you want some service, please take business or first class, but don't expect more than two check-in counters for 300 passengers if you are in economy class.