Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bistro Petit Salut, Jalan Merah Saga

Salmon Tartare

Wow - I enjoyed this place. I had always avoided it (44 Jalan Merah Saga #01-54, 6474-9788) despite a number of suggestions in the past given that I've never really been that big on French food. But a colleague suggested coming here for good steaks, and I'm glad that we did.

The onglet, while still requiring a bit of effort to cut in some parts, went down in a jiffy. Part of this was due to the sauce on top. I normally shun sauces on a steak, but this stuff (red wine reduction, I think?) paired up nicely enough with the meat and potatoes for me to clear the plate with ease. The salmon tartare starter that I got was also just as it looks in the photo: light and refreshing. This was a pleasant surprise. I liked it enough that I think that I'm going to come back here soon to try some other stuff. Cool.


marias23 said...

Being in land-locked Chicago, I am totally seafood-deprived. That salmon tartare is making me hungryyy!

Anyhoo, I'll be in Singapore the second week of Feb. I haven't visited properly in over 5 years and I'm sure many things have changed. Anything new that I shouldn't miss?

bma said...

Hey - you have plenty of freshwater fish over in the Midwest!

You may want to check out the Dempsey Road area when you come to Singapore. I certainly wouldn't call it a "must see" (nor "must eat") place, but for someone who wants to see what has changed in five years, then that is definitely a place that will strike you as being very different. Aside from some atrociously tacky neon signs placed out in front, it looks like someplace out of the US, and sure isn't the old Samy's Curry in the middle of nowhere anymore.

In fact, I think that the sister restaurant of Bistro Petit Salut is in that area now. The salmon tartare tonight was on the specials list, so there is no guarantee that they will still have it by the time you come, but you never know.

han said...

I love this place - more when it was just 'petit salut'. They used to serve confit de canard (duck confit), which they still serve at their restaurant at Dempsey now. They are very crispy and tasty! Highly recommended if you decide to visit the one in Dempsey. If you don't like the idea that the duck is dry, try the beef cheeks, they are quite good as well - all very French. The snails are always a safe bet for starters. I had a great scallop salad at the Bistro (had that in September), not sure if they still have it. It's all in the set Lunch menu - so it's really worth the price! I'm not a big fan of their creme brulee though..