Sunday, December 09, 2007

Shaw's Crab House, Chicago

Sauteed Lake Erie Yellow Perch

Now this is my kind of place: an old-fashioned wood-laden restaurant featuring simple American seafood with a casual oyster bar and live music should you wish to forego the formal dining room (21 East Hubbard Street, 312-527-2722). Obviously they specialize in crab, be it dungeness, Alaskan king, or whatever happens to be in season. Being from the West Coast where dungeness is a plenty and Alaskan king is already shipped everywhere, I opted for something a bit more local to the area instead: the Sauteed Lake Erie Yellow Perch, served with nothing more than lemon butter and cole slaw.

And these light yet firm pieces of freshwater fish were exactly what I needed after a week of eating nothing but high-cholesterol food. A refreshing iceberg wedge helped to complement this, not to mention the fresh berries for dessert. So now I know that if I ever need a break from all of the hot dogs, pizza, and meat around here, I can take comfort by making a bee line straight to one of the seafood shops instead.

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