Friday, March 09, 2007

L'Angelus French Restaurant


I normally don't like French food, so I was quite surprised to find that I had a really enjoyable meal here (85 Club Street, 6225-6897). Granted, I picked two dishes that I do have a bit of a preference towards, but I liked them enough that I think I would have liked plenty of the other items too.

I started with the escargot, which came recommended by a colleague. This was different, as they came in individual cups, each topped with a crouton. And this wasn't just any crouton. This thing, upon biting into it, amazingly squirted out so much butter that it was almost like biting into some fruit and having the juice gush out, all the while still staying crispy. There was also a bit of tomato sauce or something at the bottom or the cup, which gave the snail a bit of an unexpected red streak. But yeah, this thing was loaded with butter and garlic, and went down very easily.

TartareNext up was the steak tartare, which they mixed for you tableside, complete with your choice of garnishes and degree of spiciness. While the meat was a bit chunkier than I'd like, this was a pleasure to eat too. Finally did I find some tartare with enough "ooomph" to get me excited like some that I had in Spain a good while back. The accompanying fries were also surprisingly straightforward (a good thing).

Not all was perfect. There was some caked-on food stuck to both my fork as well as napkin when I sat down, but who cares? I think this is one of the few French meals that I have actually really liked. I may just have to return again. No wonder why my colleague likes this place so much.


lost said...

fwoah. that looks really good... any indication how much each item would cost? i'll love to go there some day.

Anonymous said...

French food is amazing. I am sure there is much French food that you will find very yummy. I am writing a blog about French cooking, that's why I can tell it for sure:)

Anonymous said...

I normally don't like French food, so I was quite surprised to find that I had a really enjoyable meal here (85 Club Street, 6225-6897)
It seems to me that you have never tried real French culinary, there is a hyge amount of very tasty dishes in French food history.

Anonymous said...

We Americans are sometime a bit ignorant or arrogant (or both). Please do us a favor by not saying "I don't like French food" - Say something like I dont like frog legs, snails etc (which are not really part of French daily / fine cuisine anyway) and i will agree with you.
French Cooing is globally recognized. Ours is not...
Best R.
Kevin W