Monday, January 08, 2007

A Couple More Items from Uberburger

Sweet Burger

Here's a couple more items from Uberburger, the first of which is the Sweet Burger, which is actually a dessert made from fruit, chocolate ice cream. and what they called a doughnut (even though there was no hole in the middle) in order to resemble an actual burger. Creative? Sure...especially the mango slices acting as French fries. But was it tasty? Not really. The ice cream was fine, but the doughnut was a bit boring (it sure wasn't Krispy Kreme), and the mango slices were not even sweet.

Steak TartareAnd here is the steak tartare that I finally went back for. This was fine once mixed with the anchovies and such, although I was still hoping for a bit more of a bite. Oh well. I guess I never was a huge fan of this place anyway. They sure do like to make their food look pretty though.

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Chubbypanda said...

It's like Play-doh with food!

- Chubbypanda