Thursday, October 05, 2006

Corduroy & Finch, Bukit Timah Road

U Gourmet Sirloin Burger With French Fries & Salad

Here's a burger from Corduroy & Finch (779 Bukit Timah Road, 6762-0131), the posh market/cafe from the parents of Uberburger. As you can see, the lineage is very apparent, and it pretty much tasted the same too. It wasn't a knockout for me due to how lean the meat was (it got a bit boring to eat towards the end without more of a fatty kick helping to fuel it), but by and large, it was still a decent quality burger. And hey - they provided real mustard here upon request.

Some foccacia or somethingWe did get a number of other items, such as the "linguini with assorted mushrooms and noilly prat," whose sauce was surprisingly a bit on the thick side, but fortunately also very rich in the process. They also brought out some onion-based foccacia for us, which turned out decently well, especially for a guy like me who doesn't really like bread.

The snootiness of such an upscale place was layered on here though, as seen in things like their Mediterranean platter, which cost a whopping S$19 (US$11) for a selection of cold items from their deli, all placed across a very big square plate. The c&f hot sundae also came in a rather unique glass mug with a screw-top bottle of sauce on the side, but fortunately the taste was still fine. Anyway, the point here is that while the food here isn't bad, it's unfortunately not such a runaway winner that I would rush to come back either, especially when such high prices largely help to subsidize a decor that is too upscale for me. At least the food here is far better than that Whitebait & Kale place. Maybe it's worth coming back here for breakfast one of these days, although that would mean having to fight those weekend crowds. Eh...probably not then.


Colin said...

They are also renowned for their bad service.. esp on weekend brunches. How was it this time?

bma said...

It was fine. It was after 9 PM on a Thursday night, so there were few crowds. Plus, we sat right next to the cashier, so there was always someone right there.

I've seen some of those weekend crowds from the outside though, and yeah, it doesn't look pretty.

Anonymous said...

Some places for you to consider for your weekend foot hunting.

1)YanQing Shanghainese Kitchen (just a few doors next to Corduroy & Frinch) - Not everything on the menu is nice, try their fish soup, salted egg crab and those dishes with a thumbs-up beside it.

2) Arcadia Restaurant - Off Adam Road, deep in Arcadia Road between HillCrest and Arcadia Condo.

251A Arcadia Road #01-09 Singapore 289848
Tel : 64687473

James said...

As a New Yorker transplanted to Beijing with similar interests to yours (and also a 1K flyer on United) I have been enjoying your posts a lot. If you come to Beijing, let me recommend some great hole-in-the-wall places (no more Quanjude for you!).

pineapplemalibu said...

Their mustard is from Austria as c&f gets alot of their bottled products from there. They also sell it on the shelf, amongst a whole load of other things. Their breakfast, imho, isn't worth going for, but their pastries and bread are excellent.

Kananga said...

Went here for breakfast on the weekend. What a farce.

Ask for two sets of scrambled eggs with bacon. Scrambled eggs come, but no bacon. I ask where the bacon is as I assume they forgot and they tell me it's coming. 5 minutes later when my eggs and toast are getting cold some bacon arrives in a little dish. I ask if this is for two people and they say, no just one. You only asked for bacon for one person. I said no, I asked for bacon for two people as I know better than him what I want for breakfast. Why serve bacon seperately at a different time and why argue with your customers about it?

Nevermind I say and look for the condiments. There's the salt celler but no pepper. So I ask for it and the guy comes over with this massive battery operated pepper mill and goes to start peppering my now tepid eggs. I tell him I want to do it and he gives me a strange look. I ask him if he knows how much pepper I want, he shrugs so I say as I do know it's better if I do it. He then tells me he wants it back immediately. I ask him if its the only pepper mill they have and he says yes. He then without asking trys to put more pepper on my eggs which I sheild with my hands. Again I get a strange look. What is even odder than having one pepper mill for all the customers is the fact that they sell them in the store!!!