Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pierre Hermé at mezza9, Grand Hyatt

Macaron Variations from Pierre Hermé

I'd never really been a big fan of mezza9 (10 Scotts Road, 6732-1234). Its multiple kitchen concept always struck me as a place trying to be too many things at the same time. My opinion of this place hasn't improved either given how they messed up my order of crab tonight. But we came here not because of their regular menu, but because we were told that Pierre Hermé was featured as special guest of the World Gourmet Summit, and that his desserts were worth coming for.

I'm normally not one for sweet things, but I could understand why this guy is so well respected. He used ingredients that one usually associates with savory dishes rather than sweet: truffles in one of the macarons, foie gras in the crème brûlée, and olives in some tomato thing called révélation. None of these really struck me as being out of place; if anything, the truffle macaron just got me more excited.

He also offered his famous Ispahan, which he later explained as he came around to our table how it required just the right type of rose extract. That was cool - it was definitely a different experience, and an educational one at that. I don't know how much longer he will be in Singapore though.


offspring said...

hi hi

is ph here for a limited time or a one-time only?

Anonymous said...

it is on from 14-18th April, he's here for the world gourmet summit. there are 2 separate dessert menus depending on whether you are having mains or not.

Kelvin said...

I tried the Ispahan today and I was just wowed by it. Initially went into the restaurant abit of a skeptic but this has got to be the Ispahan has got to be the best dessert I've ever tasted anywhere before. Too bad it ended today.

Pete said...

I tried the Dessert Ispahan, too, and loved it! Also had a selection of Pierre's macaroons, and they were all excellent - especially like the fresh cream which he used as a sandwich-filling.

The creme brulee au foie gras was YUKS! I tried so hard to like it, but the assertive foie gras just overwhelmed the creamy custard, and the cranberries/pear compote that came with it failed to mask the strong smell/taste of gooseliver.

alicia said...

I'm so jealous as I really wanted to make it for Pierre Herme's desserts but I didn't.

I'm a major fan of his macarons and never had the opportunity to try his other desserts. Argh!