Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boon Tong Kee on River Valley Road

Note the pyramid-shaped rice and Ferrero Rocher in the background

Well - there it is: the weird River Valley branch of the well-known Boon Tong Kee chain (425 River Valley Road, 6736-3213), complete with its pyramid-shaped rice, Ferrero Rocher, and green paper-wrapped utensils. I don't really have a problem with the food but the experience is just plain tacky. Note to self: if for whatever reason you end up here again instead of their chicken rice neighbor, remember to decline that darned S$2 (US$1.40) pickled dish "appetizer" that they shove onto your table and charge you for too.


sonia said...

What interesting blog! Thank you!

offspring said...

i avoid any fancy boon tong kee outlets they have. chicken rice is about din, noise and complimentary achar.

Anonymous said...

pooey, yeah, i usually tell them "bu yao towel, bu yao pickle" from the get go.
the deco you mentioned sounds weird, very masonic. hahah.
anyway, try the boon tong kee at whampoa, its a lot yummier and their dishes like curry fish and homemade tofu are well worth ordering.