Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Paulaner Brauhaus, Singapore

Schweinshaxe crispy pork knuckles

I had always known that Paulaner Brauhaus (Millenia Walk, 6883-2572) had some great crispy pork knuckles, but I hadn't realized until tonight that this was Schweinshaxe, something I was able to pick up in Berlin last year. And for some reason, this one seemed a lot better than the one I had out there, being tastier, crispier, and easier to cut and eat. (They had that spongy potato dumpling here too.)

White AsparagusOne other thing they featured here today was white asparagus, flown in all the way from Germany while they are still in season. A colleague of mine mentioned that the ones he had in Germany had a very unique taste to it, but that these were rather boring. I have no basis for comparison myself, but these tasted just like they looked (we got just plain butter to go with it). In fact, they didn't taste that much different from regular asparagus, aside from perhaps being a bit more delicate. I don't seem to recall having "asparagus pee" afterwards though. :)


hugewhaleshark said...

Dude, Chubby Hubby needs your expertise and opinion. Check it out here.

Anonymous said...


Just stumbled upon your blog and you've done really good reviews on food. *thumbs up* Anyway just wondering if you could provide me some suggestions for eating places. I'm looking for some fine dining western restaurant (preferably good steak) with a nice ambience. Preferably not too expensive for 2 persons. Any recommendations?


bma said...

Thanks. For good steak, Morton's rocks. It's not cheap, but it's worth every single penny. The Tavern might be a bit cheaper, but my experience was still pretty expensive (and hence, I'd still rather go to Morton's).

Other than that, I'm not quite sure. The cheaper options for steak around here are places like that Jack's Place chain, which I am not a huge fan of (the meat quality is pretty shoddy, and they put sauces on your steak - something I despise). You could try Japanese steak at Angus House, but that's really Japanese food rather than western.

Finally, there's Hog's Breath Cafe, who likes to claim it's "the best a steak can get," although it was boring to me. Now that I think of it, you can probably just go to the Black Angus near the Orchard Parade Hotel (also at One Fullerton). It's a chain restaurant too (I don't know if it's worth calling "fine dining" either), but I like it better than Hog's Breath, and it's cheaper than Morton's.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanx for the recommendations. It really helps. Which has a better ambience, black angus or hogsbreath?


bma said...

Hog's Breath is more of a family/theme place, so it's rather plasticky (think: Disneyland). Black Angus is more of a traditional American steakhouse type-decor, although like I said, it's debatable whether one would consider it "fine dining" or not. It's a chain restaurant at the end of the day.

xeven said...

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