Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Yu Zhong Bu Tong at Wisma Atria’s Food Republic


A local fish farm has opened up a retail outlet selling shuizhuyu and suancaiyu (453 Orchard Road #04-02). I grabbed the latter, which came with a hefty amount of huajiao peppercorns. The broth certainly wasn't anywhere as plush as Tai Er, and the quality of the seafood - be it the seabass or the mussels that I got on the side - was not as good as I would've expected from a local fish farm either.

But it was good enough, especially since it was literally one-fifth of the price of Tai Er, and without having to go all the way out to Changi with a reservation in hand. Next time I'll try the shuizhuyu, and I need to remember to get an extra serving of fish since the portion was pretty small. They do single-serving takeout containers here too, which I suspect will come in handy one day.

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