Wednesday, September 18, 2019

WISH Wutong Peking Duck Restaurant Lounge in China

Shui zhu yu

My local teammate picked this Peking duck chain here in China tonight, in part because an outlet was next to my final meeting of the day. He wanted to try the duck in particular, as the skin was crisp with a lot of flavors going on in the fat. Yes, it was good, but I was also a fan of things like that shui zhu yu above, which wasn't the usual bright red pot of oil but was still delightfully numbing with those green peppercorns. I was also happy with the other things that we had, including some meatballs on a hot plate and a soup served in a cute little pumpkin. We kept it all edgy with some some spicy duck heads (nice creamy brains inside!) and stewed mud loaches too. I'd be happy to come back.

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