Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Huangsha Seafood Market in Guangzhou, China

The Huangsha Seafood Market in Guangzhou, China

This place is cool. This narrow alleyway near Huangsha station is lined with fishmongers eager to sell you all sorts of live creatures (actually, it was mostly shellfish). Make your purchase down on the street, and bring your catch upstairs to one of the many restaurants who will cook it for you, kinda like Noryangjin Market in Seoul.


I grabbed a number of local items, like those snails from Hainan above, which were salted and cooked in a foil and paper wrap, as well as some local mantis prawns, which the restaurant deep-fried in salt and pepper. I liked the tender and small abalone that they steamed with soy sauce and ginger, and as well as some impressively sweet scallops. And I didn't mind the minced garlic topping as much as I thought I would, especially since it made the bean noodles tasty.

Female and Male Taihu Crabs

Oh, and fortunately, it's hairy crab season now. I found one lady who exclusively sold hairy crabs from Taihu Lake, swimming in tanks (as opposed to being tied up like other stalls). So I grabbed one male and one female from her, the former of which was more straightforward (a slightly metallic but concentrated egg yolk-like taste) while the latter was more rounded and savory. The latter was definitely more fun.

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