Sunday, September 23, 2012

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches in SJ

A Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

No, today isn't supposed to be Sandwich Day. And if anything, going to a chain restaurant from Dallas wouldn't have been my first choice of places to go to. Heck, it wasn't my second or third choice either! But after striking out at the flea market well as a couple of other places in the neighborhood, we basically stopped here out of desperation (91 Curtner Avenue Suite 20, 298-9424).

They had some kind of a numbered-brown-bag-and-red-Sharpie ordering system that looked a bit gimmicky at first. After taking a couple of minutes to decipher it all, I put my order in and hoped for the best. To my surprise, it was pretty darned least, the way I configured this one, which meant passing on all of those mayo, sauce, mustard, mayo, and dressing options, and just loading up on the veggies instead.

And I guess that's why I liked this place much better than Quiznos; that place just uses waaaayyy too much sauce on their sandwiches. Yes, I liked it better than Subway, Wichcraft, and Specialty's too. But I'm not sure if it beats Erik's nor Potbelly, even if they similarly both depend a lot on sauces. I guess their sauces are more subtle than Quiznos.

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