Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bringing a Potbelly Sandwich on the Plane

Original Italian Sandwich on Thin-Cut Wheat Bread

No layover at Dulles is complete without stopping at Potbelly Sandwich Shop. I'm so glad that I did too; for some reason, they didn't serve any food on the connecting flight out of Dulles tonight, so this ended up being my dinner on the plane. And while I got the "thin-cut" bread this time, it was just as amazingly delicious as I remembered it to be, with the mayo/mustard/oil combo plus pickles, peppers, and seasonings creating an explosion of flavor. Hands-down, these guys make some of the best sandwiches ever.


DJ HawaiianShirt said...

DC resident here. I can't get enough of Potbelly, but I rarely go because their sandwiches aren't much healthier than your average fast food burger. Anyway, I've learned that I basically like their sandwiches because of the hot peppers. You can buy them in the jar from each store location, and I do, and it put them on everything. I adore your blog. Keep it up.

bma said...

Yeah, it was only this morning when I looked it up did I realize that that sandwich blew past one's daily allowance of sodium in just one meal. No wonder why it was so tasty.