Monday, March 02, 2009

My First Taste of Singapore

The Traditional

When I read the paper yesterday to find out that Quiznos had set up shop in Singapore (Far East Square #01-01, 6557-2270), I knew exactly where I was going for lunch today. The funny thing is though that I've never had Quiznos before. They weren't really in my neighborhood until after I left the US, so this was actually my first taste of it.

Anyway, right when I walked in, the Pepper Bar was sitting there, featuring pepperoncini, jalapenos, and banana peppers, along with a few hot sauces, horseradish, and pickles. I proceeded with a Classic Italian, which I wolfed down in seconds, in part because the bread was so small and soft, but also since it was so rich with all of the sauce that it was not hard to gobble it all up.

Encouraged, I went on and grabbed another sandwich, this time the Traditional, which was just as easy to eat. They toasted all of their sandwiches by default, which in this case was a good thing because they put the onions in *before* toasting, thus effectively eliminating most of the dragon breath threat. I was a big fan of the oregano that they dumped onto each sandwich too. Now, it was definitely still a far cry from Potbelly Sandwich Works, but I'm getting so sick of Subway that I'll be all over Quiznos now.


Timi Siytangco said...

I popped into Quiznos a few weeks ago, having hear a lot about it but like you never having tried it in the States. The breakfast sandwich I had was tasty (bacon, egg, cheddar) and it felt warm and toasty in my hand walking to work that morning. However, I could have easily eaten two of them. Is that the normal size of their breakfast items? Am I unenlightened, or just a glutton?

nana said...

Do they have those wraps aside from the sandwiches? I love Quiznos I missed them!

Anonymous said...

I so miss Quiznos.....I always eat Quiznos over Subway in the US
I really need to go check it out....soon!