Tuesday, September 11, 2012

'wichcraft in San Francisco, California

Goat Cheese Sandwich

Tom Colicchio runs this chain of sandwich shops in Manhattan, and interestingly, there is a single outlet in San Francisco (868 Mission Street, 593-3895). Somehow I ended up with this goat cheese sandwich, which I didn't like that much due to the walnut spread that they put on it (I should have read the menu more carefully!). But the ingredients were of high enough quality that I might come back again tomorrow to try out some of the other stuff on the menu.

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Unknown said...

I love your blog! Nothing on the net makes me want to travel more than seeing what you had for lunch in Singapore, or other places. But when you are in the U.S. I am sort of ashamed by the banality of some of the food I see in your pictures. Of course I realize that when you are back here you may want to revisit some of your old favorites. If you ever come to L.A. there is something new that I think you might enjoy: a little place called Chego that makes Korean-fusion rice bowls with stuff like pork belly and prime rib in them. They all have 45 or more ingredients including many things one finds very rarely in America.

I'd be pleased to buy you a bowl if you are ever in town, in thanks for the great enjoyment I get from your blog. Carry on!