Monday, September 24, 2012

The Boiling Crab in San Jose, California

One Pound of Crawfish with Cajun Fries

Oh man, that was awesome (71 Curtner Ave Suite 20, 297-2322). No wonder why we had so much problem getting seated at this Southern California transplant yesterday...on a Sunday at 3 PM, of all times! I figured that maybe it would be easier on a weekday afternoon, which fortunately turned out to be true today. But surprisingly, it was still at least three quarters full (don't people have to work??).

Of course, when anything is cooked in a bag of butter, salt, and spices, it will taste good, but the thing that made these crawfish great was that fat inside those heads. It was rich like foie gras, all while being naturally sweet. (Tip: squeeze out the fat like an Otter Pop while you're sucking those heads, or you'll miss out on a good part of the fat.)

And yes, they really cranked up the heat on the Cajun spices, so much that my stomach is still burning right now. The purist in me normally prefers a more traditional means of preparation. But I guess I am coming around to this Vietnamese-American version with that pile of limes. I should try some of that sauce with a bowl of white rice next time.

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