Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ebisboshi Shotengai is now Ramen Champion

Ramen Miyamoto

Hey cool - it looks like they took my advice (or so I'd like to believe, anyway) in dropping all of those other ridiculous names and just calling their shops Ramen Champion. In this case, they refurbished Ebisboshi Shotengai and set up four ramen stalls inside, one of which was sadly the same Bishamon stuff that I was hoping got tossed out during the renovation. I steered clear of that one, as well as Tonkotsu Itto.

The one I landed on was Miyamoto, which served a jirokei-style ramen that was better than I expected, but admittedly nothing that I finished. In retrospect, I wish that I had eaten at the last stall, Butaou, which I originally skipped because I thought it was Butao from Hong Kong. Now that I look at it again though, the kanji doesn't match, so maybe it's a different place after all. I guess that I'll have to try it someday then.

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