Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Black Version of Butao Ramen in HK

Butao's Black Ramen

I came back to Butao Ramen today to try the black version this time, but I was kinda let down. I mean, it looked cool, with a gigantic ball of some mysterious black paste (ground sesame seeds?) plopped in the center. But somehow my broth ended up tasting a bit sweet in the end, in stark contrast with Keisuke's wonderful sansho-based one. Well, it was definitely unique, but next time I'll probably just go back to Mak's for some local Cantonese noodles instead.

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SidK said...

I have to ask, with all of the variety of food that you are able to regularly eat, what did you grow up eating at home and is there anything that you miss from home?