Monday, March 26, 2012

Ramen Champion at Changi Terminal 3

Riki Ramen

The folks at Ramen Champion opened a satellite outlet at Changi Airport not long ago. And as frequently as I go to the airport, I never really got a chance to come down here given that my flights were usually at off-hours. Today, we finally had our chance, as our flight landed just in time for dinner, so we took the Skytrain over to Terminal 3. This is a much smaller outlet than the Iluma version though, and thus there were only four vendors rather than six. And two of the four were already at the Iluma outlet, so I focused on the remaining two: Riki and Gensuke.

Gensuke Ramen

The former's was pretty much a standard jirokei and hence nothing that evoked a reaction from me either way. The latter's was a chicken base whose strong taste and thick consistency was much better than Marukin. But I've had way too many carbs today (breakfast this morning was a basket of French pastries), so sadly I didn't really eat the noodles in the end. It was good to try both of these, but I probably won't make a huge effort to come back.

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