Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jiro Ramen from Kusabi Singapore

Kusabi Style Jiro Ramen

I haven't been to Kusabi in a while, but it looks like they've added a couple of new items to their menu. Earlier this week I tried the kasaneaji shio ramen, whose crystal clear chicken stock was just as refreshing as Keisuke's version. Tonight I got the jiro ramen, a massive bowl loaded with veggies, garlic, and lard, with an option to get even more toppings. This was pretty darned good.

The noodles were super thick and firm, and the broth was very rich. The highlight for me was the huge wad of bean sprouts that I gobbled up in an instant. I complimented myself for eating lots of veggies, all while hiding an evil grin that emerged after noticing the layer of lard globules floating on the broth. I drank that thing until my bowl was completely empty.

It was only later that I realized that this was inspired by Ramen Jiro, a chain with a testosterone-driven cult following in Japan. I also finally understood what it was that I was eating at Menya Shinchan a few years ago. Sure, maybe these are just copies of the original. But even without having been to Ramen Jiro in Japan, Kusabi did the job for me.

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