Saturday, November 12, 2011

Spicy Ramen Fiesta at Ramen Champion

God Fire Ramen

It looks like Ramen Champion is running some kind of spicy ramen promotion through the end of the year, with every stall offering its own rendition. The one above is from Ikkousha; its appearance was more tame than its "God Fire" name suggested, but it still had a respectable burn at the end, all while still letting that lovely rich broth underneath shine through. Unfortunately, Tetsu's spicy version was mild enough that it really wasn't that interesting. And neither of these could hold up to Kusabi's gekikara uobushi, although I guess that's not really an option in Singapore anymore.

Chicken Garlic Ramen

Iroha, interestingly, also also had a special non-spicy chicken menu on the side. This basic chicken and garlic version wasn't too salty nor greasy, and hence wasn't anything particularly striking either. But that was also exactly what I needed, as frankly this was probably the healthiest thing that any of these stalls were offering. If I were really going to pledge myself in that direction though, I'd rather go to Keisuke for his refreshingly thin shio ramen.

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