Monday, October 17, 2011

Farewell, Kusabi Singapore (sniff, sniff)

Farewell, Kusabi Singapore

Well, they technically haven't shut down yet. But when we heard that they were shutting down in a few months to head back to Japan, we quickly scrambled down to their remaining Marina Bay location to try to get as much of that awesome gekkikara ramen while we still could.

Or so we thought. Upon arrival, we discovered that they had changed their menu yet again! It was just the other week when I nearly fainted upon finding out that they had killed pretty much everything that made them unique. And now when we got here, we found the unthinkable: they got rid of their gekikara ramen too. In its place was some lame "spicy ramen" that used one of my pet peeves: a scoop of chili sauce. Ugh.

There was now no more reason to come here anymore...aside from maybe the normal uobushi ramen that originally got me interested in this place the first time. Even the black garlic-based one that they featured today tasted like a knockoff of Nantsuttei. Another one bites the dust.

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