Thursday, June 20, 2013

Muso's Cha Cha Ramen at Menya Koji

Muso's Cha Cha Ramen

Man, these guys change names more frequently than Prince, Snoop, and P. Diddy combined! Anyway, this was from Daikokuya at Paragon, except that it was now called Menya Koji. Keep in mind that this was run by the guys who moved the Ebisboshi Shotengai name to Great World City to make room for Ramen Champion, and then also positioned Daikokuya at Robertson Quay as Jyoshoken. Confused? I shake my head just thinking of it.

Well, the thing that drew me here was this bowl from Muso, which seemed like a part of this ongoing guest ramen chef thing that these guys keep rotating through, although in this case it was permanently burned into the menu. Anyway, I liked it. The chashu was tender and tasty while the thin broth was savory enough for me to finish, all dusted with a bit of black pepper.

These guys should just name all of their properties Ramen Champion and let guest chefs rotate though. Why keep messing with these other names like Daikokuya, Ebisboshi Shotengai, and Menya Koji??

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking there may be some difficulties between the partners? Some partners want to pull out and some new ones come in, so there has to be rebranding.