Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tokyo's Menya Itto at Ebisboshi Shotengai

Itto Special Ramen

I originally came down here thinking of getting another bowl of Honda when it turned out that the folks at Ebisboshi Shotengai (who apparently also run Daikokuya, I just realized) had already rotated its visiting ramen chefs, now featuring this thing from Menya Itto in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, it was rather boring. I hoped there might be something exciting about it given that it featured a prawn-based broth, but this was nothing like Keisuke's aromatic masterpiece. I suppose that the rest of the ingredients did the job, but it won't be something that I'll be coming back here for.

Still, I'm encouraged by this ramen rotation thing that Ebisboshi Shotengai seems to be doing, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing who they bring next. Actually, I wouldn't mind if it's more from Itto's Sakamoto-san; when I looked at his Japanese website, he seemed to have a lot of other interesting things available, including a clam-based one that I assume that I would like a lot more.

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