Sunday, April 07, 2013

Mendokoro Honda's Komi Toridashi Ramen

Komi Toridashi Ramen

From what I understand, Mendokoro Honda is a rather highly regarded ramen shop in Japan. And interestingly, Ebisboshi Shotengai at Great World City has been featuring a bowl from them for the past few weeks. This appeared to be only a temporary promotion, so I made sure to come down here today before they took it away.

Now, I wasn't expecting much from these Ebisboshi Shotengai folks given my previous experiences there. So I was pleasantly surprised by the mildly aromatic bowl that they brought it out; I think that was a roasted shallot oil coating it all, if I tasted it correctly. The ingredients inside were also of better quality than I had expected, including a shoyu with a decent amount of character.

Granted, shoyu ramen isn't exactly anything that I will usually get cravings for. But I can't help but wonder what the original one in Tokyo tastes like now.

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