Saturday, July 24, 2010

Keisuke's Surprisingly Aromatic Shoyu Ramen

Shoyu Ramen

I swear - I'm not trying to evangelize these guys. I was merely getting a quick lunch today when I noticed what a fantastic garlic oil fragrance the shoyu ramen was emanating here. I normally wouldn't have even considered ordering it given how enamored I've been with his ebi and kani ramen instead (plus, chicken-based broth never really sounded that exciting in the first place). But I should have realized that a man of his caliber could do wonders with almost anything...he even scorched the meat a little for some extra aroma. Sure, it was a tad salty, but that didn't really matter when it was this good. This is easily one of my favorite places in town.


Kevin said...

The ramen looks good. So is the broth chicken-based? Is the meat pork or chicken?

Pete said...

I tried his crab broth noodles - it was very rich and intensely-flavoured, maybe even a bit too much. But, all in all, I agree with you: perhaps the best ramen spot ni Singapore at the moment!