Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kani Ramen at Keisuke Tokyo, Singapore

Kani Ramen

Whoa - Keisuke Tokyo at PARCO Marina Bay is now offering a limited quantity kani ramen special. I didn't even know about it at first since I was planning to get my usual ebi ramen, but fortunately the server flipped open the menu just as I was opening my mouth to give her my order, and right there was a sheet promoting it. I quickly told her that I had changed my mind and wanted this instead.

I'm glad I did. The noodles were flat and linguine-like, and cooked to just the right degree of firmness. But perhaps more noticable was the soup, which was so thick that it was more like a gravy instead. I couldn't quite pinpoint the crab taste (it tasted like a thicker version of the prawn head broth), but it didn't matter; I enjoyed it so much that I slurped it all the way to the bottom, especially when mixed with a touch of that freshly grated raw ginger on the side.

Now, if I had to choose between this and the ebi ramen, I'd still go for the latter just because of its aroma and thin consomme-like broth. But this was savory enough that my mouth still waters just by thinking of it. More importantly, I'm glad to see an expansion of the menu...this guy really knows how to do it right. As long as he's expanding to different types of shellfish, I wonder what kind of magic he might be able to do with clams for an asari ramen of sorts.

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