Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Keishoken Ramen at Ebisboshi Shotengai

Orange Ramen

This was unexpected. I was on my way to Yoshinoya when I noticed that a new selection of ramen had appeared at Ebisboshi Shotengai at Great World City. Given its location, I figured that it would just be Bishamon rehashed, but it looked like this was a chain from Japan that has also opened an outlet at Changi's Ramen Champion.

They had the usual red, white, and black options available, as well as a yellow and orange one. Yellow was clearly a curry-based one, but I had no idea what the orange one was. As it turned out, it was made from apples, pork, and peanut butter. Huh? Peanut butter in my ramen? This one I had to try.

It was kinda gross, actually. OK, let me restate that. The tonkotsu base was fine. But the bowl as a whole just didn't have anything remarkable about it, as one couldn't really taste the apples nor peanut butter in the scoop of miso. I won't be getting that one again.

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SirJman said...

Could you please try and post the price of the meals.