Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Uma Uma Ramen at Forum Singapore

Uma Uma Ramen

Another ramen shop from Japan has opened up in Singapore (583 Orchard Road #01-41, 6235-0855). Not be confused with Yakitori Uma, this one is run by the folks from Iggy's, if I read it correctly.

The broth was the surprising thing here. Being Hakata-based, I figured that it was going to be a white-ish tonkotsu broth, but this clearly had been hit with soy sauce too. And yet, it wasn't a thin shoyu broth either; instead, it was thick and earthy. It was good enough that I drank it down to the last drop.

Still, I won't get any cravings for this place. And I was a bit bummed that they didn't have any gyoza on the menu. But I won't complain if anyone suggests that we eat here; I'm curious to try the spicy one now.

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