Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jyoshoken at Daikokuya Robertson Quay

Special Tsukemen

I've never really liked Daikokuya, which explains why I've only been there once and never went back. But when I noticed that there was a special bowl of tsukemen offered at its Robertson Quay location (30 Robertson Quay #01-05, 6737-1521), I was curious. Apparently this thing was created by a disciple of Taishoken. And when I got there tonight (incidentally, this was the former location of Menya Shinchan), I was surprised to find that Jyoshoken had pretty much taken the place over. Sure, the signs still said Daikokuya, but the menu sure didn't seem to be the Daikokuya that I remember.

And neither were the noodles, which were much better than I was expecting. The broth had a strong fish powder taste, instantly bringing back good memories of Kusabi. Still, there was a slight citrus tinge that I didn't really care for (and the chashu sucked as it was totally lean and dry), so I probably won't be coming back for this. But there did seem to be a couple of other "light" and "spicy" variations that might be worth a try one of these days. I didn't realize until recently that Daikokuya was run by the same guys as Ramen Champion and Ebisboshi Shotengai. I guess that explains all of the guest ramen chef rotations.

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