Tuesday, October 01, 2013

More Rotation at Ramen Champion at Bugis+

Tonkotsu Lobster Ramen

Ramen Champion at Bugis+ rotated out two more stalls today. Ikkousha and Muso are out (that was fast!), and in its place are Tonkotsu Itto and Mendokoro Aoi. I went to Itto first, ordering what sounded rather peculiar: a tonkotsu lobster bowl. Really...lobster? From what I could make out, that basically came in the form of that reddish sauce on the left, which frankly I could have done without. But what did impress me was everything else in the bowl, including a super thick and rich broth and a very thin slice of pork. That was pretty good...next time I'll just pass on that lobster sauce.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Then I moved to Mendokoro Aoi, which seemed to be the more crowded of the two. But I liked this one less, mainly because there was just too much garlic in this darned thing (and I didn't even order the option that had some additional garlic topping). Maybe this could be fine to have on the weekend, but I have more meetings in the office this afternoon, and I don't think brushing my teeth is going to help. I'll stick to Itto next time, especially since this broth was too thin and the pork was too thick.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, this is not a question to this post in particular but since you try out a lot do you maybe have any tip for me where to find a decent Tsukemen in Singapore? From the ones I tried I only really liked Miharu. Lots of thanks, Nik